Why you want to use video

Video is a powerful attention grabber. In my house, we call the TV a "dumb box" because when it's on, my children are drawn to it like a moth to a flame. They will watch mesmerized and slack-mouthed, unable to attend to anything else going on around them. While it is disturbing to watch this happen to my children, you can use this hypnotic device for good and benefit your business! Here are some reasons why video is something you need to be including on your business websites or social media marketing and some methods for creating them.

Why video?

Video retains viewers more than 80% longer than still images. People will stay up to 2 minutes longer on your website if you have something that immediately starts moving and engaging their attention, and not only does that translate to better for you, it makes for killer SEO. Google notices how long visitors stay on your website and rewards you with better results in their search engine.

I know. It all sounds so complicated and overwhelming. You don't want to star in your own video. I'm right there with you. But there are many ways to make a video that doesn't include you putting on make-up or even taking a shower. We can make this happen if we start small and stick with the basics. Read to the end of this post to get my very best, most awesome tip for making videos.

What makes a good video?

We discussed what we thought made video appealing and successful at a recent Creative Juice Table meeting and came up with these guidelines.

Keep it SHORT. 30 seconds is ideal. 2 minutes is still okay. Use longer videos only when you are offering an in-depth tutorial.

Offer instant gratification. Time lapse, behind the scenes tours, revealing a product, a quick tutorial (with all the steps) or a quick work in progress draw us in.

• Nobody is a fan of over-produced or selfie style videos. That's good news for those of us who are camera- and shower-resistant! Now you really have no more excuses!

How to make a video

The Smart (phone) Way

You can record video from the phone and upload it directly to your social media accounts like Instagram or Facebook, or to YouTube. There are some good movie editing apps to download.

The Desktop Warrior Way

If you want to get slightly more involved, you can use the movie making software on your computer (iMovie for Mac, Moviemaker for PC) and edit an existing video, or series of videos that you've uploaded to your computer. You can also create a nice slide show with still photos with this software.

Other Surprising Ways to Make a Video

• You can record a Facebook Live video and save it to be published later to your website as well.

• You can use Quicktime (Mac) to record your computer screen and voice in real time, which can be saved and published to YouTube etc.

• You can record a Powerpoint (PC) or Keynote (Mac) presentation, including your voice as you progress through the slides, as a video.

Want a super excellent video making secret?

Yes, yes, now you are on board with the video idea, right? But here is where we really get stuck– in the doing of the video. What the heck do we say? What do we edit in and what do we edit out? We really don’t want to do a bunch of editing and deciding and organizing! It’s so overwhelming and frustrating.

This is amazing: I just discovered a completely mind-glowingly awesome app that helps you make really great videos. It’s called YouTube Director for Business and it walks you through exactly what to include on a video, based on the topic template you choose. For instance, you can choose the “Tip” video template like I did for this video. The app starts you with part one, which includes the title, audio and video section. It gives you tips on what to say. It gives you suggestions on where to include the text. It tells you how long each part needs to be. You can record your audio as many times as you need to (for example, 12 times so that you don’t sound like a stuttering fool). You can record the video part for that section as many times as you need. Then the process repeats for part two of the video. SO EFFING EASY, even I could do it. Try it! Try it! Try it!

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