Is making a website as hard as I think?
No! Wix is made for people like us: visual and not great at web code stuff. You can make a simple landing page or go as far as adding your online store to your site. This course will include lots of resources, structure and most importantly, access to people (your classmates and me) so you can get your questions answered and even a little virtual hand holding for encouragement.
How do you know I can do this?
Because creative folks just like you have done it and even LOVED it while they learned! Just take a look at these student's work: Char, Susan, Melissa, and Jeffrey. Not one of them knew a thing about web design when they started!
How long will it take to finish my website?
The course will take about 4-6 active weeks of live interaction online, but you have access to the resources, me (via email and live chat) and the forum for 6 months. In truth, nobody is ever really finished with their website. It changes and grows as you do, and you can update it endlessly. That's the very point of learning how to do this yourself. YOU have the power and control to do what you need to do without the restrictions and costly changes made by a web developer.
There are a lot of website companies out there. How do I know that Wix is the right one for me?
If you are in need of a simple, beautiful website with many website functions (like a contact form, blog, shop, portfolio, events calendar etc.) then Wix is for you. I do not recommend Wix to companies who are going to have complicated programming or coding required. 
How much does this course cost?
This online e-course costs $125. If you compare that to a BARE MINIMUM cost of $1000 to have a developer create one simple landing page or up to $5,000 for a basic site, you can see that this is a great way to get a website for very little financial investment for you.

"I highly recommend this workshop!"

– Char

"[Margot] equipped me to do my website. It was a perfect experience."

– Susan